The House of Bernarda Alba Auditions

Gallery Players is seeking actors to perform in the upcoming production of The House of Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca, translated by James Graham-Luján and Richard O’Connell. Director: Sarah Bellin, Producer: Dominic Cuskern.

We are seeking to cast actors of all ethnicities and races. This production will only be able to accept non-Equity actors (no pay).

The play runs July 16-31. Performances are Thursday through Saturday evenings with additional matinees on Saturday and Sunday. Rehearsals start June 5 and will be held evenings and weekends at the theater (199 14th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn).

Audition Submissions:

The required submissions for an audition are:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • A monologue of your choice (contemporary or classic), approximately one minute
  • Character(s) interested in

The deadline for submission 11:59PM on Saturday, May 21.

Please send your audition materials to the producer at:

COVID Safety: All participants must be fully vaccinated prior to the beginning of rehearsals and wear face masks during rehearsals and while offstage during performances.

The House of Bernarda Alba is the third in Lorca’s rural tragedies and tells the story of a matriarch and her daughters.


  • La Poncia: 60 years old, Bernarda’s maid of many years and only confidante
  • Criada: 50 years old, another household maid
  • Bernarda Alba: 60 years old, the matriarch of the house and a widow; strong, strict, and demanding
  • Angustias: 39 years old, the oldest daughter of Bernarda and the only one from her first marriage. She is the only daughter with a dowry but is also known as the least attractive.
  • Magdalena: 30 years old, the second daughter of Bernarda and the oldest from her second marriage. Out of all the sisters, she grieves the loss of their father the most.
  • Amelia: 27 years old, the third daughter to Bernarda. She is gossipy but obedient.
  • Martirio: 24 years old, the fourth daughter to Bernarda. She is sickly and deeply resentful of her mother for ruining her engagement.
  • Adela: 20 years old, the youngest of Bernarda’s daughters and the most beautiful and passionate
  • Maria Josefa: 80 years old, Bernarda’s mother, spends her time locked in a room*
  • Prudencia: 50 years old, a friend of Bernarda*
    *Maria Josefa and Prudencia will be played by the same actor

The House of Bernarda Alba
Written in 1936, just before the start of the Spanish Civil War, domineering matriarch Bernarda Alba prepares her house for eight years of mourning following the death of her second husband. The upcoming isolation raises tensions between her daughters, who secretly harbor a passion for the handsomest man in the village.

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