Gallery Players Season 57


From our Friends at Piper Theatre: Alice in Chaos

June 15 – 23 at Gallery Players


Embark on a journey into a surreal dimension where the lines between reality and imagination dissolve. In this mesmerizing play, night nurse Alice navigates a memory ward in search of her vanished patient, Rabbit, surrounded by a cast of enigmatic characters – the Duchess, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the Red Queen. Within the confines of this whimsical world, a poignant narrative unfolds, weaving a hopeful tale of rediscovering joy and understanding amid the madness. Join us as the boundaries of sanity blur, and the quest for connection takes center stage in a play that transcends the ordinary, inviting audiences to a fantastical and emotionally resonant experience.



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Gallery Players is Brooklyn’s premier Off-Off Broadway theater. Beloved on both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge, this “little theater that could” is located in one of Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhoods, Park Slope. Recipient of the Off-Off Broadway Review’s 2000 Award for Lifetime Achievement and numerous New York Innovative Theatre Awards. Gallery Players is dedicated to producing classic and contemporary plays and musicals as well as premiering new works; nurturing and providing opportunities for theater artists; bringing professional-quality theater to Brooklyn audiences at an affordable cost; and instilling the appreciation of theater in future generations. Gallery’s season comprises three plays and three musicals, the annual Black Box New Play Festival, Players’ Shakespeare, and Overtures: A New Musical Reading Series.

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