1. Smoking. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building, including bathrooms and dressing rooms. Smoking is permitted on the outside sidewalk level only. Do not smoke in the back stairwell.

2. Exits. There are three exits to the theater area. We ask that you stay within the area of the theater or rehearsal room (if working upstairs). You should never wander around the building as you might set off one of the alarms.

3. Props, Costumes and Theater Property. Many of the items that you will be using in this production are borrowed. Please treat these props and costumes with the utmost care. Be respectful of theater property.

4. Program Bios. Gallery Players provides program bios for actors and staff for the purpose of informing the audience of an artist’s background and credits. Bios must conform stylistically and may be edited for length and content.

5. Special Problems. In the event that there is a special problem or need that you wish to have addressed that cannot be resolved by the stage manager or director, your problem should be addressed with the producer.


1. Rehearsal Visitors. Rehearsals are closed. No visitors will be allowed to sit in on rehearsal. If you have friends visiting from out of town, please make other arrangements for their entertainment while you are rehearsing. Please do not ask that exceptions be made to this policy.

2. Food and Beverages. Leftover or unfinished food or beverage items should not be left in the theater, rehearsal room, or dressing rooms. Please put leftover food, containers, wrappers, etc. in trash receptacles in the theater proper. Do not discard food in the dressing room garbage cans. Also, please empty beverage cups, cans and bottles into a sink before discarding them. Please note that there is to be no food or drink in any of the upstairs rehearsal rooms. These rooms do not belong to the Gallery Players and must be left clean and garbage-free and organized exactly the way you found them.


1. Invited Guests at Final Dress Rehearsal. On the Friday before opening night, the theater sometimes invites some special guests to attend the rehearsal. Actors and show staff are not permitted to invite guests to this rehearsal.

2. Opening Night Seating. Designers and other show staff are permitted to watch the opening night performance from a seat in the house. Reservations must be made with your producer. No additional complimentary tickets are available for this performance for guests. Since our opening nights tend to sell out, we encourage you to purchase tickets for your friends and family well in advance.

After the opening performance, designers and show staff who wish to see the show other nights may do so on a stand-by basis. If no seats are available, you are invited to sit or stand by the concessions area. This offer applies only to show staff.

3. Opening Night Party. Following the opening night performance, the theater will typically host a party, usually at a local neighborhood establishment. The theater will provide appetizers or a complimentary drink ticket to each cast member, staff member, and musician. The party is open to anyone whether they have attended the show that evening or not.

4. Production Photos. Typically production photos are taken on the Thursday of opening week. We are usually able to provide copies of the photos by request – please ask your producer. The Gallery Players and the photographer must be properly credited in all usage.

5. Headshots for Lobby Display. Each cast member must provide one clean, unstapled headshot to the producer no later than the Thursday before opening, for display in the lobby.

6. Industry Kits. Assembling industry kits is the show’s responsibility. Typically each production will designate a representative from the cast who will be responsible for collecting headshots and resumes from each cast member. We suggest that you provide 10 industry kits to your producer no later than opening night. The theater can provide envelopes.


1. Special Seating Requests. We do not provide reserved or special seating for actors, crew, staff, or their families and friends unless there is a physical reason which would necessitate such a request.

2. Dressing Room Etiquette. Please avoid using strong-smelling perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays, aftershave, or food in the dressing room. Please be neat. Hang up your clothes during performances and your costumes afterwards.

3. Valuables. All valuables should be given to the stage manager prior to each performance to be locked up. Gallery Players cannot accept responsibility for valuables not entrusted to the Stage Manager. It is better, when possible, to leave valuables at home.

4. Prior to the House Being Opened. Only members of the cast, crew and staff are allowed in the house prior to the house being opened to the public. Friends, relatives and colleagues of cast, crew and staff may not enter the house until it is officially opened to the public. Please do not ask that exceptions be made to this policy.

5. While the House is Open. No costumed actor is allowed in the house unless specifically permitted by the Stage Manager or specific to the role being played once the house has been opened to the public. The house will open one half hour prior to curtain time.

6. Concessions. The coffee, tea, soda, and candy at the concessions area is bought by the Gallery Players in order to sell to paying patrons. It is not offered free or at a discount to show or theater staff members. If you would like to purchase a concessions item, including coffee, please do not serve yourself. Ask the house manager or concessions volunteer to help you.

7. Reviews, Press, and Industry Attendance. We ask that you do not discuss any reviews, industry attendance, or press attendance while in the theater building. Business cards of industry members who have attended the show will be posted on the callboard within 24 hours of their attendance.

8. Pick-Up Rehearsal. If the director, producer or stage manager chooses, a pick-up rehearsal will take place the first Wednesday after opening. Please check with your stage manager.

9. Strike. All technical staff are required to be present at strike. Actors are encouraged, but not required, to lend a hand. A half hour of help would be greatly appreciated, and gets everyone home a little earlier.


1. Postcards. Postcards will be available for you to take to publicize the show. Please take as many as you can use and return any that you have not distributed. Please note that when mailing the postcards, you must use a stamp. If you rely on the postage-paid imprint, the postcard will be returned.

2. Social Media. Gallery Players will create an official Facebook event for the show. We ask that you please use this event and not create your own when publicizing the show to your friends. Please follow the Gallery Players on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and feel free to share content with us and tag us in your posts!


1. Purchasing Tickets. In order to purchase tickets, please call 212-352-3101 or buy online. The theater doesn’t accept unpaid reservations with the exception of industry comps and your 2 personal comps (see below). Tickets may be purchased in advance with a credit card or at the door with cash. You may not make reservations for your friends to pay later.

2. Industry Tickets. If the production is an Equity showcase, a complimentary ticket will be provided for industry members as defined by Actors’ Equity with a business card presented at the box office. Industry members must make a reservation in advance by emailing or by calling 718-595-0547 ext. 4. We recommend industry reservations be secured at least one week in advance. Actors and show staff may make reservations on behalf of industry members. Industry is defined as (and ONLY as) “Equity franchised agents, bona fide casting directors, professional producers, playwrights, choreographers, and directors.”

3. Equity Comps. As per showcase rules, Equity members in good standing shall be admitted after paying guests have been seated if there are seats available, upon presentation of a current non-expired Equity membership card.

4. Personal Comps. We provide two (2) personal comps total for the run for actors, crew, and staff for use on a Thursday night or a Saturday matinee only (unless otherwise indicated by the producer). To reserve your comps, email or call 718 595-0547 ext. 6 at least 24 hours in advance. We recommend reservations be secured at least one week in advance. Do not give comp reservations to the Box Office manager, Stage Manager, Director, House Manager, or anyone else.

5. Other Ways to See the Show. Friends of staff and actors may volunteer to work on the set for at least 4 hours to receive a free ticket. Friends may also see the show for free by ushering or working at the concessions stand. Please arrange this with the volunteer coordinator in advance by emailing