Snow White and the Battle for Pittsburgh

Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 12pm
Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 12pm & 2pm

Written by Hilary Goldman and Kevin McAuley
Music and Lyrics by Kevin McAuley

When Princess Snow White is forced from her own kingdom by a jealous Evil Queen, she finds herself lost, confused, and surrounded by a small band of odd, though well-meaning, forest-dwelling dwarfs. Cut-off from the humdrum of royalty, Snow White must decide where she fits in and who she wants to be. But all the while, the Evil Queen grows more powerful and well…evil, until it becomes clear that no one is safe from her malevolent reign!

Can Snow White and her new friends stop the Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror once and for all? Will this wide-eyed princess become the hero her kingdom needs? Join us on this interactive musical journey of friendship, bravery, and self-discovery to find out!

Photo by Allison St. Rock


Narrator: Jeanne Cascio
Snow White: Caitlin Farrell
Evil Queen: Danielle Ferretti
Magic Mirror: Michelle Maccarone
Artemis: Joe Natalzia
Willy B: Aly Ryan
Fancy: Karen Mascolo Hagan
Surf: Ginny Weant
Turf: Kaylie DeLauri
Bumbles: Byron Hagan
Giggles: Julie Crane
Dumpy: Joshua Lopez
Antsy: Erin Hanraty


Director: Hilary Goldman
Musical Director: Kevin McAuley
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Dylan Paris
Costumes: Dina Grilli
Production Assistant: Thomas Hagan

Photo by Allison St. Rock