The 18th Annual Black Box New Play Festival



Performance Schedule

May 28 – 31 

Scrambled by Brett Hursey; directed by Jaymie Bellous
Kung-Foolery by Brett Hursey; directed by Michael Bello
Brooklyn v. Manhattan by Bara Swain; directed by Jaymie Bellous
Feathers by Judd Lear Silverman; directed by Sara Lampert Hoover
The Holding Room by Jeff Stolzer; directed by Joe Ricci
Teachable Moment by Vivian Vertes; directed by Mark Gallagher
The Art of Preservation by Bridget Sheaff; directed by Joe Ricci
The Keys to Life? by Ed Friedman; directed by Brian Olsen
Autumn Echoes by Lily Rusek; directed by Paul Ricciardi

June 4 – 7

The Stand-In by Brett Hursey; directed by Jim Brodsky
Lifeline by K. M. Sorenson; directed by Dennis Gleason
Outta Here by Lora Danley; directed by Brian Olsen
The Trade by James Armstrong; directed by Dennis Gleason
“War”, She Said by Patrice Cassedy; directed by Constantine Tariloff
Color Me Screwed by Nedra Pezold Roberts; directed by Jordan Friedman
Pet Lawyer by Adam Hundle; directed by Alex Randrup
A Shot At The Big Time by Judd Lear Silverman; directed by Alex Randrup
Here to Stay by Ali Keller; directed by Jim Brodsky
Murder Needs Company by Lora Danley; directed Adam Chisnell

June 11 – 14

Overnight by Natalie Bates; directed by Francesca Di Cesare
Miss Peddy & Grace by William Fowkes; directed by Noel MacDuffie
Alexa and Cecille’s Amazingly Fearless Adventures: The Final Chapter by Kate Bell; directed by Sara Lampert Hoover
Joe and Teresa’s Last Meal by Brett Epstein; directed by Bradley Anderson
The Game by Natalie Bates; directed by Valerie Adami
Place Where Time Stands Still by Deirdre MacNamara; directed by Michael Durkin
Nope, Not Mine by Brett Epstein; directed by Bradley Anderson

June 18 – 21

High Cheekbones by Marilynn Barner Anselmi; directed by Giovanni Valleri
Thou Shalt Not by Laura Pittenger; directed by Roger Ellis
She Keeps This Family Together by Kay Poiro; directed by Francesca Di Cesare
The Only One by David Loughlin; directed by Giovanni Valleri
Mrs. Lee’s Yellow Cat by Stephanie Keys; directed by Adam Chisnell
Men versus Women by Steve Gold; directed by James McBride
Labradory Story by Mark Eisman; directed by Valerie Adami